Routine Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are for more than aesthetics; these services are also essential to keep trees healthy. C & M Tree Service is staffed by industry experts with vast knowledge of proper maintenance. Count on us to develop a maintenance program just for you.

Various Tree Trimming Methods:

• Artistic Pruning • Corrective Pruning • Bracing & Cabling • Lacing & Thinning • Tree Shaping
Tree Trimming

Tree Health Care

Your Maintenance Program
Your trees need healthy soil with nutrients and water to endure. The tree may need the removal of branches that self-wound or die. Tree preservation means getting ahead the impact of activities around trees.

You can take steps to preserve your trees by mitigating the negative effect of those activities. Tree preservation includes tree trimming, pruning, watering programs, fertilization, and mulching. During house construction, tree preservation procedures include creating tree protection barricades, soil compaction therapy, and tree growth monitoring.

C & M Offers You a Wide Range of Tree Services and Expert Tree Advice

• Your custom tree project is welcome.
• Stump Removal
• Tree Preservation
• Tree Branch Removal
• Emergency Storm Damage
• Tree Health Care
• Cabling
• Trimming
• Pruning

Pruning Ornamental Shrubs

Pruning is fundamental to good, healthy trees. How and where the pruning cuts are made is crucial to the tree healing process. Our pruning crews are trained to make scientifically correct cuts which assist proper closure to the wound. That means, we care about our pruning work, very different than some pruning service companies.

Young trees have different pruning requirements than mature or over mature trees. Species and vigor are other factors that affect how a tree is pruned.

• Artistic Pruning
• Corrective Pruning
• Bracing & Cabling
• Flowering Trees & Shrubs
• Lacing & Thinning
• Tree Shaping
Contact us to schedule routine tree trimming and pruning to keep your tress healthy for years to come.