Complete Tree Removal & Stump Removal

A diseased, damaged, or hazardous tree puts you and your property at risk. Count on the tree removal crew from C & M Tree Service to use the safest methods available to remove the tree properly, eliminating the hazard. The job isn't over once your tree is removed. In fact, we also offer efficient stump removal methods to eliminate eyesore stumps and make your property blemish free.

The Need to Cut
Cutting a tree down is sometimes needed for a variety of reasons, the most important being that the tree is a hazard to you and your property. The tree may be damaged by a storm, diseased, structurally weak, dead, or dying.

Whatever the hazard, the tree can cause injury or damage to people, property, or utility lines. Some trees shatter, become uprooted from the ground, and other such disasters. All situations are extremely dangerous and should be handled quickly and professionally by our tree removal experts


No More Stump

Chainsaws can only remove the majority of a tree. When the trunk and undefined branches are gone, a large tree stump still remains in the ground. In order to remove the tree trunk and tree roots, we use a tree stump grinder, which grinds down the stump, allowing us to remove the trunk and surface roots six to eight inches below ground level.

Additional Tree Removal Service:

• Stump Removal & Stump Grinding
• Root Grinding Services
• Tree Cabling Services
• Utility Line Tree Clearing
• Emergency Tree Clearing Services
• Driveway Tree Obstruction removal
• Emergency Storm Damaged Trees
• Hazardous Tree Identification
• Insect & Disease Control for Trees
Contact our tree and stump removal experts to eliminate problems from your property.